Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Memories

Saturdays used to be very different than they are now. Babies don't know the difference, that's why. Before baby I used to fix a huge bowl of oatmeal and sit by the window. Then I would read my news magazines, read books, get my nails done... relax from a whole week of work. 
Now that I have LP he just thinks it's another day with mamãe and papai. Today tough, I had quite a flashback from the times it  was just the two of us. I had a couple of hours for myself so I got manicure, pedicure (while I can) and hair done. It was a treat tough I did it myself. 
It's been awesome to be at home after 3 weekends of work. I'm glad for the opportunity to work but it's nice to have a weekend at home. I think that's the longest I haven't been at church also. Because I work the whole weekend and the last event is a worship service, I go straight home to rest and be sure baby boy gets some sleep too. It will be nice to go back tomorrow. 
I gotta get up from my estate of delight and find out what we want to eat for dinner. Have an awesome weekend everyone!