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Monday, April 19, 2010

We've been together for more than a year counting the time he was in utero. My Little Prince and I have been inseparable, I'm proud to say. I know him better than anyone: his habits, what he's trying to say, what he wants, what he needs... I'm mamãe, he's my filhinho (little son). 
As he turns a year next week I thank God for the privilege of being his mother. I don't miss my former life, I'm completely satisfied with the life I now live.
There have been hard moments and sweet moments too. Not knowing what to do but pray and keep going when he got sick. The time  he saw me cry and sat on my lap. The times I was so sad and he let out this unexpected laugh. I know there's a God who loves me when I experience all the facets of life with my Little Prince.
If he could read (it won't be long) this, I would say: you've been a great son. You have been working with me, a new mom, and you're doing a great job being a son for the first time :) We have so much fun together, I honestly miss you when you go to sleep. I also must say that I love your Dada VERY much and I often thank him for allowing me to stay at home with you. You're gonna be really surprised to see your sister joining us and I pray this transition will be easy and fun for you. You are a people person, so you won't have a problem with the increase of our family. I thank God for giving me you. Mamãe te ama, papai te ama e Jesus te ama muito mais. I love you forever.

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Julie said...

Just beautiful. What a sweet letter to your son. He is blessed to have you as a mom! Thanks for joining in today!

Cintia Listenbee said...

thanks for coming up with the idea Julie. I really like your blog.

Tanya said...

Beautiful post...but your son...even more beautiful! Congratulations on your shared milestone of a year+ together in this world!

Pinkk Candy said...


adorei ler a sua carta. quero fazer uma também para o meu baby :-)


Coisas de Ta said...

Hi Cintia
what a beautiful photo. You are looking great. I hope God continues blessing you.