Thursday, April 15, 2010

Preparing for First Birthday

The Spring is such an exciting season! I'm preparing for my baby's approaching birthday party! Here is what I'm working with:

I decided on not printing invitations but sending everything online. It's quicker and cheaper. I made them myself. Sorry you can't see it in details but you can have an idea.

Theme: to honor our Brazilian heritage, I decided on soccer. I found some candles for the cake a while ago, so that kind of closed the deal. My brother sent the uniform for the baby and now mamãe and daddy need to get their shirts. I never thought I'd need to buy yet another soccer shirt but my pregnant belly does not fit inside of the shirts I have :) As you can see my invitations have nothing to do with my theme, but how cares?

Location: at first I was going to host it at home but we were blessed to find a f-r-e-e place in town. They are going to do all the decor for me as well (glory!). I'm not gifted that way. Sometimes I know I don't want to be gifted that way so I highly treasure those who can decorate. The wonderful folks will also have a corner for the babies to play. Isn't that awesome?

Food: one of the most important things in my opinion. The party is really for us, LP won't remember but he'll see the photos and wish he could eat the cake :) At least that's what I think when I see my parent's wedding photos. That cake sure looked good! The cake will be tres leches. Yes, I've been craving it and we finally have a chance to order it! If you haven't tried this, get a Mexican baker to bake you one, you will never forget the flavor. Another friend of mine is cooking the finger food. One of my friends reminded me not to have a banquet, a few side items will do.

I'm excited about this party. This is a new sphere for me. So far all we've had to do is organize our own birthdays so now we have years of children's parties. Parenting is all kinds of exciting.

• Do you have any suggestions on 1st birthdays or a memory you would like to share?