Seeing Anew

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sometimes my mind forgets I'm 6 months pregnant. The warmth of the spring makes me want to do several things that are a bit challenging right now:
• Plow my whole garden as well as go ahead and plant veggies and herbs;
• Walk several hours per day;
• Clean my whole house within 2 hours or less;
It seems like everyone else is getting faster and I need to slow down a bit. To be honest, it feels like I've slowed down since conception day number 1. I'm actually okay with it. God has blessed me to be able to take care of the LP so when he stops, I stop too. The house work will always be there, my children and my health must be the priority. Pray for and with me!
I am so in love with the Little Prince! Once I stepped out of 'the fog' I was in for the first 6 months I was able to enjoy the moments we're having way more. Everything in this world is new: the way grass feels, the wind hitting his skin, hearing birds singing, seeing dogs running around... This reminds of the Bible telling me my faith should be like a child's. I thank God for the honor of being LP's mãe and for being able to see how he sees life. All things so new and exciting!
Unknown said...

Good Morning, Cintia!
Isn't that just what springtime is about? A symbol of our Messiah's resurrection and the promise of new life. May God bless you with a great sensitivity to all of His "new beginnings".
Love in Him,

Wendy said...

He is just beautiful! Glad to read you have slowed down...they grow so fast...and that house work will always be there waiting for us, but our kids they don't stop growing! Nice post!

Molly @ Digital Mom said...

LOVE The new header!

Slow down, enjoy the moment. Before you know it, that new baby girl will be here for you to love.

God is good.