Monday, May 10, 2010

Hip Baby

During our second weekend of family celebrations my son recognized several of my relatives he had seen the weekend before. That was awesome! He met a whole new set of relatives this weekend which further confirmed my suspicion: he is my hip baby. As long as he's in my hip, he's okay. He did go to other people but he really wanted to be sure we were around. That's that security again. I love it!
We took a couple of fun pictures during my sister's rehearsal dinner and I wanted to share them.
We had lots of fun together. This was my second mother's day ever. Last year I had an infant, this year I have a growing young man. Without giving too many details on mother's day, one of the best gifts I received was his smile when he woke up in the morning. Just that happiness to see me and to know it was going to be a great day. While my child can't verbally express his feelings yet, he just acts on them. I take that as a huge blessing. 
This year I had my own mother a little closer for Mother's day. I gave her a gift which she loved and we spent a lot of time together. She's a beautiful woman who gave me so much more than life. I love her and I am blessed to be a mother myself. 
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