Super Early Riser

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The day I plan on doing something early to match my son's schedule he decides to change. He tops that with having a great mood and the willingness to get his day started 2 hours earlier than normal. Gotta love what the boy is teaching me: flexibility!
That's what motherhood is all about. And to think that the world used to work according to my plans... that sounds funny now.
LB is good. It's been the greatest joy feeling her move. It's nice to have her protected before everyone tries to grab her and touch her hair (a HUGE NO NO. Please don't touch a Black woman's hair!). 
I finally got finished with the Baby Shower invitations. I found out that if this is your second time around you can throw a 'Baby Sprinkle' instead. Sprinkles are something on a smaller scale. My husband thought the name was weird. I agreed and didn't want to limit my blessings by calling it a Sprinkle :)
Having a girl changes everything. New wardrobe, new hair duties, new accessories.... I'm loving it already!
After I had my first one I became even more considerate of other people's babies. How? By not touching them unless they offer or unless ask to hold them. That's me tough. And I still hope you won't touch my daughter's hair. I'm foreal.
SkinnyMeg said...

Girls are so much fun to dress up! I bought millions of bows, but when she turned about 7 months she refused to keep them on her head! :)

The Conservationist said...

Cintia, you crack me up! I've never had a friend who was black tell me not to touch their little baby girl's hair, so I know to be more sensitive from here on out! :)

Cintia Listenbee said...

@MMM that's good info to know :)
@TC most people don't care but girl, we spend a lot of time on our hairs, so you know how it is LOL

Rebekah Williams said...

Ha ha! Cintia you are a riot!

I learned two things from this post:

1. Baby Sprinkle
2. Never touch a black woman's hair.
(thanks for informing me!)