Blogger Conference Issues

Friday, June 4, 2010

I heard it takes a while to get used to the new realities of motherhood. It seems that now that I'm here, all comfy and waiting for one more blessing to be born, I am being challenged again. 
You see, for the first time I'm connecting with other bloggers in real life. The possibilities of these connections have been refreshing. There's a bloggers' conference coming near our area and I am wondering if I should go. If it's up to my husband, I'll be there with my bells on. I don't know why I keep thinking: 'Is it responsible to spend that much money on registration? I blog as a hobby, it's not that serious! What can I buy for that same amount of money?' This was the latest: 'Should I attend a Christian mom blog conference instead?' I can answer this one easily: A GREAT, HUGE NO. Why? The 'secular' conference offers more relevant information and a huge pool of speakers and participants who are more diverse. Sorry other conference, it's hard to attend a conference where I stick out like a sore thumb and it doesn't seem like people can relate to me.
Going to a bloggers' conference is something I never dreamed I'd do for myself. It gets me out of my cocoon, it challenges me to think much higher, long-term thoughts. It will be refreshing. I will get connected with other bloggers. I will learn more about the mom business, marketing, social media, etc. There's only so much I can learn by myself. Why not make an effort to go? Another advantage over the other bloggers conference is that I can just drive to the location daily, it's that close. If I really want to save money, there you have it. My baby girl will be young still, I have a feeling that I will want to be around the house even if it's just to smell her and LP a little bit every day. Don't you love smelling your children? 
You've seen several belly shots of mine, this is a whole body one my husband took last Sunday.   We are really excited about her approaching birth. God has blessed me a lot during this pregnancy. The side effects haven't lasted 9 months and for that I am thankful. We are still praying about the right name for our baby girl. I hope we don't have to wait til birth day to find a name. We do have 57 days to go.
I count myself as blessed. I am satisfied with where I am in life. I fought like a child on time out to stay put in one place but I am satisfied. I keep thinking about the future. I want to look back and smile when I think about this season in my children's lives. I want to know I had a major part in training them and teaching them things. I know I won't stay at home forever (I believe in the school system, I admire the talent of teachers) but while I have this experience, I want to be submerged in it. This I believe.
Silvia Nunes said...

Muito obrigado pela força viu.. vc sempre tras um conforto enorme.. uma palavra amiga.. isso é bom d+ e n~~ao tem preço.
super bjo