Expanding List

Thursday, June 17, 2010

5 weeks (or less) to go until LB makes her debut - she still doesn't have a name. I keep getting great ideas and my TO-DO list keeps growing.
What stimulated all that was  the awesome meeting I had with the lady who owns this blog. While I chased my child around her house, she gave me so much to think about and I've been so excited about all I learned. I found a lot of inspiration and some old dreams have came alive as a result of this meeting. Thank you Megan! Be sure to follow her blog and twitter yall. 
Other things that go on my ever expanding list are mundane things I need to do around the house. I never feel like doing most of them and keep wishing the Merry Maids will show up and work their magic. To be honest with you I am really looking forward to birth day because I get off the toilet cleaning duty for a little while. 
Some of the items on my list are:
• Write an e-book
• Clean the laundry room
• Resurrect my WordPress and make it a Nitch blog
What's on your to-do list?
Rebekah Williams said...

I love Megan's blog! Looking forward to hearing the plans you two are cooking up!

Anonymous said...

I just checked out Megans's Blog too !! It is great !! I'm right there with you, just the other day I was wishing someone had called Merry Maids to give me a suprise visit :) It was just a dream !! Enjoy your day !! Wow, only 5 more weeks left til baby #2 is here !! That is getting close , how exciting !