Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I can't believe we're halfway done with this  challenge. The challenge is an effort to be more encouraging and believe it or not, I might be the one getting most of the benefits. This challenge is a step towards becoming a better wife. I thank God this came at the right moment. I am learning how to wait on God and rediscover the greatest treasure He has given me in this side of heaven: my husband. 

I have been reading more about photography than practicing. I have also been admiring the photography of children with those flawless homes, super clean floors and awesome props. Most of the time our house doesn't look as lovely so I decided to brace myself and document LP's 13 months anyway. This is one of my favorite pictures. He was making a funny noise, like he was mad or something. You can see toys behind him and my big water jug on top of the changing table. Welcome to our lives :) My parents gave him this t-shirt :) Oh today he said "amém"  (amen in Portuguese) after our lunch time prayer. He actually repeated after me. I wasn't expecting so I thought it was cute. I must say amém and emphasize it quite often during the day for him to have noticed it. I'm enjoying all the new words he's saying (all in Portuguese so far). I love my son.

Another praise report is that so far we've been eating items from the menu I put together last weekend. Last night was a total experiment but the food was really tasty. With four more dishes to cook this week, I'm feeling blessed and thankful to God for learning how to do this 'dinner every night' thing. Sister girl used to ask her husband what's for dinner when we both came home from work two years ago. Now more and more people are looking to me for food. LB will be the next one. In her case I'll be the milk factory (I'm joking, you know I'll be nursing and nurturing her. With overflowing milk). I love my daughter.

I'm 31 weeks pregnant and feeling good. I am also blessed to be able to get out and walk a couple of times per week. My problem: I want to overdo it. I used to meet goals of walking 26 miles per week and in my mind, I can still do it. This is a good thing when you are not pregnant and pushing your first born in the jogger stroller up a hill. I am still glad to be exercising tough. I am starting to get that itch to exercise without all the limitations. I'll get there. After recovering from the birth, my plan is to start training and sign up for a 5K. I'm still doing the one race a year deal. It keeps me motivated and it gives me joy to have my husband and kids there to cheer for me. I love my family.
C'est La Vie said...

oh man, i am so nervous about this! i'll go crazy when i have to stop running...

Cintia Listenbee said...

@C'est La Vie I know some moms who run til the day before they give birth. I just wasn't experienced enough :) thanks for the visit!!!