Failed Again, Passed

Friday, July 9, 2010

In addition to this test I failed one more. I failed the Strep B test. No worries, I have failed it before and my baby and I turned out just fine. I'm believing for the same outcome (health) this time and better! The good news is that I am NOT anemic! I passed the blood exam! I failed this one last time and did not enjoy being called anemic. I decided to crank up the Iron during this pregnancy and I took iron pills every other day. My diet is rich in fiber but I took some fiber supplements as well. I wasn't gonna be that rich in Iron if you know what I mean. I was so focused on getting an A+ on everything last pregnancy that I felt betrayed when my iron level was low. Everything turned out just fine this time, thank God. 
This week I also started my Non-Stress Test (NST). I have to do these twice a week. They measure the baby's heart rate as well as contractions. These are the tests that led me to go to the hospital twice for further monitoring before birth day. My husband (who went to 99.9% of my appointments last time) used to go to these with me. The one time he didn't I was sent to the hospital. They sent me home though. 
Honestly, I was hoping the same thing would happen with this first test. They would say, 'lady, you have to go next door and deliver here in a little bit.' The latest weeks are hard work but my real thought was, 'be patient, she'll come when she's supposed to.'
Just for fun, I came up with fun ways to make NST more fun:
Offer pedicures - totally doable because you just sit there.
Add a TV to the room - I don't have cable, so I'd watch it for at least 20 minutes. It always takes me more than that tough which means I can watch at least one show.
Let me sleep through it - I have to stay awake and make sure I press a button when the baby moves. Anyone can totally see when she moves, so someone could do it for me while I sleep. 
If we could have all 3 at one time, I'd go for NST weekly since my first OBGYN visit. 
On the home front things are ready. We have our supplies. She has been blessed with sooo many cute outfits, diapers, wipes, etc, etc. We have her sleeping quarters next to my bed, the boppy is out of the closet (I put it up when we were using it as a pillow in the living room) so are the baby carriers (can't wait to wear the Moby!!!). My hospital bag is ready to go (just missing my toothbrush... I'll pack it after I write this). We are ready to go. Glory be to God!
I was blessed to see one of the leaders of our local La Leche League yesterday. I told her I probably go back to the meetings and she encouraged me to call even if it's in the middle of the night for help. Great, cause I will need all support I can get. I definitely want to be at peace and give the whole process another try with success. 
So, I end this post in peace. I'm at peace my team didn't win the World Cup. I'm at peace I don't get a VBAC. I'm at peace I might not be as ready as I'd like when birth day come. I trust God and His plan. At almost 37 weeks (full-term!), it is well with my soul.