A Little Chalk Goes A LOOONG Way!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

by guest blogger Kym Thurman

When my children were little, I was not too sure I liked sidewalk chalk. I am still not a fan of the way my hands feel when I use it (but that is what lotion is for!) and I know that it means that I have a load of laundry to do of multi colored clothes.....but for the satisfaction rating it gives my kids....all seven of them, a little bucket of sidewalk chalk goes a long way!
Kids fighting? Get out the chalk!
"Mom, I am bored!" Get out the chalk!
"I don't know how to write my name!" Get out the chalk!
Lot's of friends over? Get out the chalk!
We have had more fun with a $2 bucket of sidewalk chalk....and to me, it is worth the time to move the car, dress them in play clothes (or swimsuits-even better!) and hand them a bucket of chalk....what is nice for a child who is not yet able to really write or draw on paper is the magic of being able to control that bigger piece of chalk. As the kids have gotten older they still enjoy getting out and drawing with the younger kids...or taking chalk somewhere when they babysit. I try not to worry about how big of a mess they make, because it is outside for the most part-and it can be hosed off (and the kids can be hosed down!) Lots of times something really fun turns up, like when the kids traced each other and colored themselves in. So, what do you like to do when you need some diversion? For me, a little chalk goes a long way!

Kym Thurman describes herself as an "artist, mom, wife, dreamer, lover of beautiful things...saved, redeemed...torn between "being real" and turning gray, endless reader, and student of life for life!"  You can follow her blog at www.stringbean17.com you can also follow her on twitter