Wholesome TV

Thursday, July 15, 2010

As an immigrant in this great nation, I don't have a great knowledge of old TV Shows. While browsing through my public library, I found many seasons of The Waltons and decided to check it out. This is what I like about it (I've watched seasons 1 and 3 so far):
Family Values - this family manages to remain united through whatever situation and there's always a good moral lesson learned at the end of the day. Although different family members make mistakes, they are always learning tools. 
The Food - I'm on season 3 and thus far the depression era eating looks pretty good to me. I told my husband I want to eat flat jacks at their house. They may be having pinto beans and corn bread but what it makes the whole process looks good is the thankfulness, the way they are expected to eat together and how they interact at the dinner table. Let's not forget that they also manage to always have coffee going. Good stuff.
No television - this simple fact really allows the family to interact more. There's constant playing among the children, conversation among the adults. People find other ways of entertainment. Let's not forget they read a little more too.
Sibling Love - they don't always get along but they manage to play well together, talk and interact very well. You can tell that those close in age get a long better and that's usually true for larger families. They also take good care of one another.
• Generational Love - The children have a good example of marriage from two generations living right there with them. You can see that the grandparents love each other as well as the parents. It's nice to see both couples expressing their love without shame or reservations. I guess you gotta have lots of love to have that many kids :) The children also do a great job honoring their parents and grandparents.
I'm having fun learning about old American TV shows. This is way before my time and so not my culture but wholesome values are universal.
What's your favorite old TV show and why?
Anonymous said...

I watched the Walton's while growing up !!! Fabulous show !!!!

jenny said...

loved the waltons! i specifically remember coming home from swim lessons on Saturday mornings and watching this show while wrapped in a towel on the couch. loved it! i also loved the Cosby Show, still do.

viento said...

I loved your post, you broke it down very well. I also watched the Waltons growing up. It was on on Tuesday nights if I recall correctly. I must confess that as a child I enjoyed the Waltons but couldn't wait until Thursday to watch Little House on the Praire. Laura Ingles was a little closer to my age I guess ;)