Sit Next to Me

Thursday, August 26, 2010

In these days where the attention goes to the new baby he could be feeling left out but he's not. He is very much a part of our family and he knows that. He's very caring. When she cries he runs to see about her. He has someone dedicated to his every need, he's never left out. We pay attention to his cues: sleep, fun, food, music... whatever he needs we are more than glad to provide. He loves us still. We are just amazed at how he opened his heart to his sister. He finds her interesting. He smiles at her, he touches her hair, he even attempted to give her a pacifier. I have been too tired to go through the usual (at least that's what I heard) feeling of guilt for not giving him the same attention as before. All I can offer is to make him part of everything we do. He rewards me by loving me continuously. He gives me love, plays with me and sometimes he just wants to sit next to me for a little while. I'll remember these sweet moments when you are grown and gone to live your abundant life meu garoto. One thing is for sure, you'll always be my first born, I'll always be your mamãe. 

Seja sempre bem-vinda...fica a vontade.