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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The first days, weeks, months of life are full of trips to the doctor. Mom took this picture of us in one of our well visits. We are thankful to God for well visits, for healthy and happy children and for the sweet things of life.
In this pic she was crying, so I decided to focus on her sweet little feet. How beautiful are the feet of those who carry the gospel. We are also to put the gospel of peace as shoes. I know these little feet will go further then her mamãe's. Let it be so.
While many are celebrating he soon arrival of the fall, I'm enjoying the sunny, happy days of the summer. We waited for the summer with great expectation (literally). Z Girl arrived in the heat of the summer. LB learned how to walk and perfected that art. This is one of the few moments he's sitting somewhere. He likes to run and just enjoy being outside. 

His vocabulary is fantastic. So far all his words are in Portuguese but he understands English very well. With every toddler (every person) there are frustrating times. I thought his facial expression was priceless. Of course he was happy a few moments after that. 
scrapwordsmom said...

What darling little children you have!! Stopping by today from SITS:)