The Reasons Why

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The reason why I don't celebrate Halloween is simple: I didn't grow up celebrating it, thus it makes no sense to do it now as an adult. Growing up in Brazil, Halloween was seen as more of an American holiday. By Middle School I noticed that my friends were going to the club to celebrate the date. We also didn't call the date by its American name, we translate it to 'Witches Day.' As a Christian woman it made no sense to celebrate witches because I don't believe in them. You also have to understand the personal impact that this date had to our family. Before accepting Jesus, my father's family was involved in a religion that used witchcraft. Some of my distant relatives on that side of the family are still practicing it. Once Jesus came into our lives, my family left anything that had the resemblance of the old life. Everything became new. 
I know I'm in a new culture where most people celebrate Halloween for candy and for dress up purposes. I also don't (want to) represent every Christian mother out there. I know plenty moms love the date and celebrate it. It's important to do what your Christian conscience tells you to do.
I believe it's important to accept people no matter what their beliefs are. I have friends who don't believe in Easter but totally respect the fact that I celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I want to respect those who love and celebrate Halloween the same way. So whatever your reasons, enjoy your Sunday and be safe!
Ak said...

I can completely understand why you don't celebrate Halloween. We do not celebrate any of the religious holidays in that traditional sense. They become about everything other than what they were intended for, it seems. We always celebrated Halloween- but never for the original purpose. More of a holiday to dress up and get candy, like you said. But we couldn't be the devil or anything like that. I don't think I will let my children be witches either. Good to hear your viewpoint!

Cintia Listenbee said...

thanks for the feedback my friend!