10 Holiday Tips

Monday, November 22, 2010

*These are a few reminders on how to navigate this week and be successful!
Last year's Thanksgiving

1. Prepare and plan
Never, never go to a Thanksgiving dinner clueless. Think about what you really want and how much you need in order to be nutritiously balanced that day. I have eaten 2,400 calories in one sitting and today I cannot afford that. Information really means power and trust me, you will not go hungry by being informed.

2. Find ways to stay focused
If you spend thanksgiving with family, you need to stay focused on your weight loss goals. Eating all day with family might not help you reach your goal. I have gained 7 pounds over a holiday season because I was not focused on my goals. This year I plan on keeping the good habits I have been developing now during the holiday. Thanksgiving is not an excuse to sabotage the good care of your body. The decision is always yours.

3. I’m sooo bored!
Do you get bored during the holidays? I do and I’m not ashamed to tell you. If I’m at someone else’s house I usually grab something to eat. Years have gone by and eating have made me heavier. This year I will go out for a walk, even if it’s window shopping, anything that will take my mind off food. When the dinner time comes, I will enjoy the food. When I’m so hungry I really fast I am not taking pleasure in what I’m eating.

4. Combating the food pushers
Prepare to be firm when it comes to food pushers. Everyone has a family member who pushes food on them but remember: the decision is yours. Once you learn how to hold your own fork you are responsible for what goes in your mouth - not your aunt Patty.

5. But they didn’t have anything healthy!
An excused used very often is that no healthy options were available during the dinner. If you can bring a salad, that’s one thing you can have. You can always bring your own salad dressing, you can always bake your own healthy dessert, give yourself some options.

6. The reason for the season
Spend some time thinking about the reason for Thanksgiving. Is it to be thankful to God for family, friends, health and strength or is it a holiday to binge just because? What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

7. Uniqueness: guard it
Contrary to the story not everyone need to gain weight during the holiday. Guard your right to be unique and choose not to have seconds if that’s what you want to do. Being sure that your uniqueness is respected is totally up to you.

8. Enjoying the holiday
What are other things about the holiday you enjoy? The weather? The chance to see a cousin you haven’t seen in 10 years? The football game? There are many things about the holiday we can enjoy that are not food related. Be sure to enjoy other aspects of the holiday and practice your thankfulness.

9. The recovery plan
All in all, most of us need to recover after the holidays. Newscasts give you leftover recipes, workouts, you name it. If you don’t need to recover, you can always go back to the gym and go on with your normal workout routine. If you travel to the home of family you might have to change your workout while visiting family and friends. Get back at your workout and healthy eating routine when you go home.

10. What makes you happy?
Cranberry sauce makes me very happy, specially the late Ms. Katie Mae’s recipe. I can’t get it nowhere but at her daughters' home and guess what? I will sure eat it this holiday. I can get mashed potatoes any time during the year but not the homemade, delicious cranberry sauce Mrs. Lona makes. My plan is to watch the portions while being sure to eat what makes me happy. It’s not good to deny yourself of the fun and memories food brings.
*Originally published October of 2007
Karen said...

Thanks, Cintia, for these timely reminders! I heard them 2 weeks ago at Weight Watchers, but needed to be reminded of them.
Enjoy the cranberry sauce! I plan to enjoy the pear and greens salad, roasted veggies and a SLIVER of the chocolate bourbon pecan pie and a sliver of my daughter's pumpkin pie with gingersnap crust. blessings to you and your whole family.

Riema's Journey said...

awesome post! I wrote down what to eat and i plan to stick to it. Have a great thanksgiving with the family.