5 Life Lessons

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

@ Women of Faith
"Is this a Baptist event?" I wondered what Women of Faith would be like. I tried to prepared myself. When I arrived in Greensboro all my little expectations were exceeded abundantly. No, they're not denominational. I saw Lutheran, United Methodist, Non-denominational and Baptist women there to name a few. What I really see is all beautiful daughters of God. No matter what your denomination is, there are bigger things that unites us: what Jesus did for us on the cross and the beautiful fact that we are all women. That was my first Life Lesson. 

Women of Faith taught me that we may be in different stages of life but we can all use encouragement in our lives. We can all be reminded of the awesome love of God for us. Here are 5 Life Lessons I learned at the event. 

LL1. God's Principles always work. In times where answers are always available for $9.99 plus shipping, I posses eternal truths that never change and always enrich the heart. I am to seek Wisdom. I realize that I have a book that contains all the answers for life such as how to be a better wife and other, how to have self-control and how to prosper. 

LL2. Freedom is a process and it will take your involvement in it. I heard speakers such as Patsy Clairmont talk candidly about her journey to freedom. I realize that I'm in a journey too. My issue might not be smoking but I am working on something. Knowing that the path to freedom doesn't take 12 weeks but it's a journey was freeing. I tend to put deadline in things. I have to become involved in this journey and learn what God is trying to teach me {hello weight loss}. Patsy also said "sometimes it is the journey of another person that will give you the insight you need on your own journey." True words of wisdom. 

LL3. You can't take 40 years of friendship needs and dump it all in one person. In my search for meaningful, God sent friendships, it's important to learn how to identify safe people. It's important to know the capacity a person has for friendship so there's mutual reciprocity. It's important to listen to how they talk about other people because they will do the same to me. Oh, and find someone who seems to have it all together and RUN AWAY from them. They will probably hold me up to the same {high & unrealistic} standards.

LL4. Lay the Script Down. Women write these elaborate scripts we can't live up to. The simple and powerful message is: lay it down and be yourself baby!

LL5. We keep our secrets and our secrets keep us. We all have secrets. Some are more powerful than others. What we can't let happen is for the secrets to take over our lives. The Bible says that if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness {I John 1:9} What's keeping you? Your secret or the perfect peace of God?

I learned so much more at Women of Faith. Just wanted to share these 5 lessons. To see a 2-minute video of the event, see my previous post.