The Face Off

Thursday, November 25, 2010

There's nothing more delightful than Pecan Pie. I think it's one of the greatest American inventions (Ha Ha! Moment here). I was introduced to it at my college's cafeteria. I really learned what it tasted like when I went to my granny's house in Alabama. Now that I'm at Weight Watchers I need to enjoy things but keep it lighter if I can. I had the brilliant idea to bake both tradition and light pies today and find out how it turns out. The traditional recipe stands at 12 points. The lighter recipe at 6. Here are photos and recipes:
Pecan Pie: traditional recipe 12 points (left) & light recipe 6 points (right)
"I can do anything better than you" "no you can't

• Cooking Light's 6 Points recipe
• Martha Stewart's 12 Points recipe

Here is a video review!