Weight Watchers Wednesday

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I wrote down a couple of "rewards" for myself for losing weight. I'm almost at the 10 lb mark with Weight Watchers so I sent out the following tweet and got this reply:
Can I say #ICantBelieveIt!? Lisa wrote a book that helped me a lot with my mindset when it comes to weight loss called "You are Not What you Weigh." As a matter of fact, I wrote that on my scale so every time I weigh I remember it is just a number. I chose "Nurture" because I need to learn more about that for the season I am in life as a wife and mother. 
I know she has a new book out and I'm totally late on my Bevere reading (her husband John also has some fantastic books out. My favorite? Honor's Reward) but I thought this one would be an awesome reward for losing 10 lbs during this journey.
I have a long way to go but so far I'm feeling healthier and I'm saying Thank God I'm not where I used to be!
Ak said...

Very well said!

Great job on losing 1.2 lbs this week! :)

That's pretty awesome that the author responded to your tweet- that always makes my day when something like that happens- rock star! lol

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, Cintia!!

Nichole said...

Way to go! Are you going to meetings or doing it online?

Cintia Listenbee said...

thanks friends! I'm going to the meetings, they're fun :)

Karen said...

Well done! You deserve a reward.