Monday, November 29, 2010

Zeke's Day: Immediately Loved

The day you were born two people became parents, two became grandparents, several became uncles, aunts, cousins. You were immediatly loved. A year later you were walking, talking and eating birthday cake. Loved you were still.

You learned to love, create and appreciate music at an early age.
Creativity runs in your veins but so does love. You get what you give in life.
We celebrate the fact that goodness and mercy have followed you 11,315 days of your life. During this time you went to college, got married, bought a house, had two incredibly awesome children and you got ordained too. Life hasn’t always been easy but the love of God towards you has given you beauty for ashes.
Our prayer is that God will teach you to number your days so that you may gain a heart of wisdom. You will see many good days and will spend your days in prosperity.
We honor you today. We see your heart and we care. We celebrate you.
Without you, we wouldn’t be a family. Thank God for you!
Te amamos do fundo do nosso coração, Cintia, LP & Z Girl.