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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Alachia Does Droid 2
God has given us some amazing Built-ins Apps as mothers. Call it wisdom, insight, instinct or whatever. You got it as a mother. Friends who have one child often tell me they don't know how I do it (take care of two little ones). I tell you how: one child at the time.
Having two under two was a little overwhelming at first. Thank God my oldest started walking  two weeks before Z Girl was born which made things a bit easier. My mom came and helped us for the first few months, which was great as well. I had a c-section so it was tough to get LP in and out of the crib for a few weeks. I got really desperate when my mom left. My husband helped me that first weekend but I was really concerned about handling two by myself that first week, so God gave me a confidence booster. 
I started a childcare coop and one of the members needed me to take care of her two kids for a couple of hours. Imagine! Me taking care of 4 kids at the same time! My husband was there for the beginning but had to work for the last hours. Everything went fine. All the kids played well. Some napped, some didn't. I even I fed all four! That little experience taught me that with God's help I can do more than I give myself credit. Women care for multiple kids all the time (my mom took great care of 5) and I'm not the first one to accomplish that. What a confidence booster!
My favorite encouraging words to pregnant women (I tell no scary stories to strange, obviously pregnant ladies I see in the streets) is that God has given them built-in wisdom. I tell them that their babies will also teach them a lot. Mine certainly have. 
By the time the time the second one arrived I learned she's an individual, not a clone of her brother. See, I was really mad intrigued things were not going my way. By month 3 LP was sleeping like a champ while Z Girl was pulling multiple snack times on me us. LP didn't start on baby cereal (oatmeal is my fav) til the end of month 5. Z Girl seemed to be ready before, so we started her on month 4ish. 
Another question that I get is: what if both of them need you? Well, one has to wait cause I'm just one person. My rule really is, "one child at the time." Usually my kids are understanding. LP knows to wait his turn. Z Girl sometimes wants to be held while I'm changing LP but she waits til I'm done and that's it. I told you they teach you things right? She has taught me what matters to her. If she can peek at us, she's a happy girl. So sometimes that's what I do while I'm caring for LP, I'll let her see what we're doing and she's okay for a while.
In this journey of motherhood I'm not alone. I call on Jesus all day and night. Whether I need Him to give me strength to put two kids in my car or to give me insight into their little hearts, He's a very present help. What to Expect doesn't have all the answers but God does, He knew my kids (and I) before they were formed.  
Young mother, expecting mother, remember you have built in wisdom and that wisdom will branch out in amazing ways as your children grow. Trust God and have confidence.
Unknown said...

Much thanks for this post mommy :-) God is doing awesome things with you here. Have a great day! Kiss the babies for me.

Cintia Listenbee said...

thanks! Your dad is the one who told us "one kid at the time." Love you :)

Megan said...

Cintia ... I love your encouragement! I so need it... I've felt stretched beyond belief!

Thanks for sharing this Wisdom & hope!!!