Christmas funk? You're not alone.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

happy christmas everybody!
Christmas was here, bringing good cheer to young and old... So, Christmas came and went. One of the highlights were seeing my kids opening their gifts (both of them actually were excited about it). LP was a pro at opening his gift. Reaping paper is his thing. Zeke was highly impressed with his gifts. I seriously prayed when I got to the mall and God answered: not one but two wrestling dvds he knew nothing about with matches he had never seen. God is good. I started the tradition of writing my kids a Christmas letter. I heard about it on NPR somewhere. What you do is write a letter to them so they can read it at Christmas. I keep thinking how cool it will be for each of them to have dozens of these and read it in the future. I try to write key things about their development in there too. I'm such a writer...

As I've been saying for a little while, Christmas is not all fun and games for everyone. Zeke for example is missing his dad, who passed away in October. People are working through issues in this glorious day and it's okay not to be jolly. My prayer is that if you're one of us, know you are not alone. No matter if you lost someone for good through death or was dumped, things will get better at some point. How do I know that? I just got plain hope. Here's a {hug} from someone who understands and a prayer that next year things will be better.