When Everything Stops

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mirror, Mirror {68:365}
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You have lost weight a while ago and the compliments stop. You give birth to your baby and the attention stops. Your baby grows and not that many people wants to hold him. You're no longer the blushing bride, the attention stops. The internet is down, no one can join your pity party on Facebook. It's not your birthday, it's just an ordinary day.
What are you left with? Who are you, really?
Anonymous said...

Who am I, really? I guess I'm a plain human being with pleny of flaws trying to acquire the 13 virtues Benjamin Franklin laid down for his own life when he was in this youth. And do you know what? You've a special way to make one think...

Ak said...

That's a good question. That's when it comes down to the core of who we are. Just us. But I'd like to think at that moment, "what's next?" There's always something just around the corner. :)