Wordy Wednesday

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One thing I am learning to do is to create healthy rewards for myself. When I was in Brazil, manis and pedis were the norm. They were {very} cheap, therefore, part of life. Now that I'm in the States they have become a treat. I am pretty good in doing them myself but sometimes it's nice to have someone else to take you to "feet heaven." One thing I would take to 2011 is to create more healthy rewards such as getting pedicures.
feet heaven
We had another great treat: a family get together. We live away from everyone, so getting to see everyone was awesome. My pitfalls are not pies and cakes but too much of the Brazilian food I miss so much. This time I focused on the things I really wanted and enjoyed them. Having had a great workout earlier that day also helped me not to feel guilty. Going in with a plan helps and having exercise as a backup sure made me feel great.

clean plate, satisfied me
I'm an early riser. I have always been. I keep wondering which one of my kids (if any) will take after me. Right now the baby wakes up too early for this early riser and LP is right behind her. The cool thing at this stage is that they share awesome moments with me. I drink coffee after I'm done feeding Z Girl and LP eats oatmeal with me. My goal is to have all of us {happily} eating oatmeal for breakfast. This is LP eating his morning bowl. He's a creature of habit and prefers oatmeal to anything else we offer. Way to go kid! Oh, he was nearly done so he was watching his fav Brazilian {kiddy} music video.
oatmeal loving family
I have a new blog series starting this weekend! Check out my video intro and come back January 1st for 31 days of "a reSOLUTION worth keeping." I am challenging myself to record a whole month of quick vlogs talking about resolutions worth keeping in our lives.
Riema's Journey said...

You gave me a manicure few times back, and i loved it. I had one as a treat yesterday.

Digital Mom said...

Great post and great reminder to reward yourself. Whatever the challenge is, whether its weight loss or child rearing - more moms need to make themselves a priority for the better of the family!!


Cintia Listenbee said...

totally agree Molly! Happy new year!

Cintia Listenbee said...

@Riema you remember girl! I'm glad you had a chance to treat yourself ;)