Monday, March 21, 2011

Life After Baby: Weight Loss Update

I've come a long way since my first post-pregnancy weight loss post. Here are my current numbers:

First baby:
Starting weight: 145 lbs
@ 9 months: 195 lbs
Second baby:
Starting weight: 190 lbs
@ 9 months: 216 lbs
My ZGirl will be 8 months next week and I now weigh 161 lbs, the same weight I had when I married the love of my life. What an amazing accomplishment, all thanks to God, Zeke (my sponsor and accountability) and the lessons learned along the way:
• I can't give glory to Weight Watchers because most of my weight loss happened without them. I stopped going to the meetings close to 2 months ago to save money. I do use what I learned there but I don't write down what I eat or count points as I did while on the program. I keep losing weight throughout this time. I have learned balance. 
• I can't give glory to an exercise program because for me, it's not a formula. My goal has been to be more active and that's what I accomplished. I cannot give you a sheet with everything I do because it varies. I have learned what my minimum is. 
• I can tell you that finding support and accountability works. My husband (who is losing a significant amount of weight with me) has been an amazingly great influencer. He eats well, he exercises, drinks lots of water and keeps our precious kids while I workout. I learned how to find support.

I am now trying to figure out what my next goal is. I don't want to fit into a certain size or look a certain way. I am aiming to learn some lifelong lessons and encourage others on the way.