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Monday, April 4, 2011

Talking to Business owners in Waynesville, NC
• I've had some neat opportunities to spread the word about Social Media in my community this year. One is the Haywood County Social Media Workshops. Last week I had the honor of being the presenter for a Social Media for Business class hosted by the Downtown Waynesville (NC) Association and Haywood Community College. During the workshop we talked about Best Practices for Facebook and SEO. 
• Tomorrow (Tuesday) from 6:30-8 p.m. I'm hosting my third community workshop. The  Haywood County Social Media Workshops will cover the following topics: Facebook for Business, SEO Magic and Monetizing Social Media. Sign up here, it's a free gathering. 
• On April 21 I'm hosting a Blogging 101 class at the Haywood County Public library. There are a few seats left for this class, you can sign up here. What an amazing way to spread the word about blogging in the community! 
• My seasonal event planning is wrapping up for the year. These events have been a blessing to me. I made friends over the years and it's fun to see them as well as make a difference in the lives of teenagers.
• Meanwhile on the home front we are getting ready to celebrate LP's second birthday. I was going to have a big celebration (meaning booking a party venue) but decided to have a home based celebration with a couple of friends. I think it will be awesome. Believe it or not 4 months from now it's ZGirl's celebration! It doesn't seem like I've had her that long time ago but it has been 8 awesome months.
• My husband has been working hard to provide for us and I'm thankful. Last week we went down the memory lane when I attended a local event where he was the piano player. I got a sitter and enjoyed his music. When we were dating I did the same thing (minus the sitter). I hope you read my post about dating a musician last week. 
• Be sure to come back on Friday for a video about Taking the Time to Dream. I went to a beautiful location and was inspired to dream, but do it right.
• This is what's going on with me in a nutshell, all things Cintia Media. Thanks for reading!
Anonymous said...

Oi, Cintia, tudo certinho?
Encontrei o seu blog no ‘Mundo Pequeno’ e vim fazer uma visitinha!
MARAVILHOSO o post e suas conquistas. Parabéns!
Também sou expatriada; sai do Brasil em 2000 e fui para os EUA, Boston, para estudar na Harvard, onde estudei até 2002. Desde 2003, moro na Holanda.
O choque cultural existe e acaba sendo benéfico - de uma maneira ou de outra -. Sou da opinão que existem coisas boas e ruins em qualquer lugar do planeta! Nós é que temos que ressignificá-las à nossa moda!

Será uma alegria se visitar o meu cantinho virtual, que é:

E será uma outra alegria, se quiser ler o prefácio do meu livro: Mevrouw Jane (o prefácio não foi feito por mim, mas por um outro escritor, um já reconhecido no mundo literário). Se gostar – ou não - por favor, deixe um comentário; vou adorar ler a sua opinião!

Tenha um ótimo dia!
Grande abraço.
Josane Mary