Blogging: Yes You Can

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Every now and then I get the question Why do I blog. More often than that, I get the question How can I blog. I'm answering these and other questions tonight during my Blogging 101 Class. I have a full class tonight, I'm thankful. Because most of you will not be there tonight, I want to share a few Blogging Tips with you who are considering Blogging for Business, Non-profit or as an individual. 

1. Answer the Question Why
It's important to have a goal to your blog. It will give you purpose, direction and it will make wonders when you are thinking strategically. Let's say you are an artist who blogs to give clients and potential customers an insight into your creative process. Potters can blog about their firing process. Painters can blog about the first stages of a painting. Musicians can talk about the songwriting process and give their audience a 30-second sneak peak. You get the point.

2. Answer the Question How 
How will you blog? There are multiple ways of blogging. The question How will give creative shape to your blog. Will you have a photo Blog? Will you be a video blogger or will you take the traditional approach? Think about your reader when answering this question but always challenge them by giving them the unexpected. My readers didn't really expect me to become a video blogger, which was a creative challenge for me and a great way to improve the my traditional approach to blogging.

3. Think Strategically 
A winning strategy can make your blog successful. Once you know the Whys and Hows, you should be able to develop a Media strategy for your blog. Although each blog is unique, having a strategy will give you a pathway to your goals. I will talk more in depth tonight about Social Media Strategy. I will also cover this topic during my Quick Guide to Social Media for Business series and I am available for consulting.

Blogging is highly enjoyable and effective whether you are a Business, Non-profit or individual. I encourage you to have a winning strategy as well as enjoy the process.  

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