Social Media and the Church

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Don't Be!
As I go out in my community and teach about Social Media I realize there is a powerful force missing on the table: the church. I’m a Christian first and a church girl. I love going to church and I believe Social Media can add a lot to the effort that churches put into their local communities. While most budgets are being cut, reaching out through Social Networks is a great solutions for churches of every size. Here are my recommendations:

1. Update your website • All social media traffic should lead people to your website. It’s important to have an easy to navigate, updated website. People want to know the basics such as how to get there, what times do you meet, what programs do you have for children, etc. Put yourself in the visitor’s shoes and make sure your website meets their needs. The purpose is to reach new people.

2. Get a Facebook Page • notice, I said PAGE. Do not, do Not, DO NOT create a church page as a ‘person.’ Once you create your page, think about your settings when it comes to profanity block, photo tagging and posting ability. Also, remember to engage people while always driving the traffic to your website.

3. Get a Twitter Account • Increase your church’s visibility with Twitter. Even if your congregation is not hip with Twitter, remember that you are trying to reach outside of your walls.

4. Set up your Foursquare Account • You may be wandering what Foursquare is but there are many people all over the world who do. Foursquare is a great way to put your church in the digital map. I suggest you offer a special prize to the mayor of your church, who hopefully will be a guest.

5. Encourage your Pastor to be Social Media Savvy • When your pastor gets a blog, many people will read it. When your pastor tweets, people will RT. Talk to your pastor about social media and the importance of it. Even if she or he is not the person doing it, remember that having a Social Media presence through blogs and Podcasts for exemple really adds to your local church’s reach.

The good news of Jesus Christ can go far through Social Media. The service you offer your community can go far through Social Media. My hope is that you take advantage of this free resource and make an online impact for Jesus Christ.

Unknown said...

wow! Simply amazing.. I mean great list. Keep it up!

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