21 Days to a Healthy Me: Recalibrate

Friday, May 27, 2011

Week 3: It's a Wrap
Week 1: Recalibrating
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The Plan: 21 days focusing on Nutrition, Stress Level and Exercise.
Week 1 Focus: Recalibrate Nutrition
The Execution:
Day 1 • I know I need a healthier approach to my life so I’m starting today. The first thing in my mouth: caffeine. Not giving it up for now. I am staying away from sugar for 21 days so taking away all my ‘joy’ would be very difficult. I made it through a birthday party without eating cake and ice cream. I don’t think no one noticed it because I did not announce it and I was busy feeding my son. The party was the healthiest ever: hummus, fresh fruit, veggies, whole grain pretzels, cheese, teas... it was amazing.
Day 2 • I went for a walk and decided to make oatmeal a part of my life again. I had one cup with a banana and a half. Because I’m not using sweetners, I had to rely on the fruit to do its work. I felt pretty stressed today. Not willing to go into details here but doing all I can: exercising, praying, resting... I’m hoping to feel better soon. I ate a lot of homemade hummus. Oh, there’s sugar free ice cream in the fridge but I haven’t had one and I’m not planning to have it.
Day 3 • Busy day for me. I taught the Social Media for Small Business Owners class at our community college in the evening. I was famished by the time we ended, I guess I could have had a better snack before the class.  
Day 4 • I forgot about my commitment not to eat sugar and ate the most amazing jam with biscuit. I think that was part of me not being so ‘religious’ about what I’m doing. Just so you know, I ate a lot of fruit in that meal too.
Day 5 • I was the photographer for a family get together and there were so many goodies there such as cookies and cheese cake. I focused on my work, talking to the family and during some down time I ate fruit and fresh veggies.
Day 6 • The focus is to make healthier choices naturally. We have a couple of celebrations over the weekend and my goal is to choose the healthier choice. I realize that small healthy choices amount to a big health reward in the future.
Next Week: I pay close attention to my Stress Level
Listen to: My New Podcast (Rights and Wrongs of Dating Musicians)
Amanda said...

É... Aqui não temos festas veggies. Realmente o maior desafio é a vida social, sempre tem um aniversario, ou almoço de aniversario com comidas deliciosas, mas cheias de calorias e nem sempre saudáveis. Gostei muito do lance dos 21 dias. Vou tentar pra outras coisas tb