Monday, May 9, 2011

Friendship Defined

Vinícios, Amanda & I at Biltmore Estate
I met Amanda in 1995 in high school in Rio. She's one of the few friends who kept in touch with me through the years. This weekend, her and her husband Vinícios came all the way here to visit me. We've had a lot of fun. This is a photo of us at Biltmore Estate. I feel honored to have my friend here with me for such time as this. She reminds me that friendships can last. She reminds me of my worth as an individual. She reminds me of my sense of humor. She reminds me of stories from the past. Most of all, she reminds me of God's love for me. God loves me so much He'd allow us to meet again and experience friendship in a new level. It's been fun sharing cultural experiences as well as life lessons. I'm gonna miss her but I know we'll keep in touch and we'll get to hang out again. 
• Who is the friend that reminded you of God's love recently?