Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Living on Purpose

• I purposely did not write a cute post about Mother's Day. Instead, I wanted to show you a picture: 
Mother's Day: I wonder if my kids even know about it
This was my third and I decided it was going to be the best one yet. How come? Simply because I'm alive now. My past is gone and my future is not yet. I'm not sure if they knew it was Mother's Day but I never forget I am their mother.
• This week I decided to take on many projects I've been postponing for a while (all of them have to do with cleaning and organizing). My house is often unorganized. I figured that if the people who come here only remember the oatmeal in the keyboard, they never really came to connect with me. So day 2 of taking over my spaces have been great. I decided to use the following approach:
One of my previous attempts in organizing my life
Write my goal and a few action steps. For example: 
Goal: have an organized, uncluttered space where I can easily find things. 
Action Steps: Get everything out of the room; Separate items into sell/donate/give boxes. 
I have two rooms organized and feeling great. 
• On the health side of things, I am trying to live a more purposefully healthy life. I am not at a place where I can write everything I eat. I am trying to exercise most days of the week, drink more water and increase my intake of fruits and veggies. Next week I'll be back full swing to 5K training. 
• I've been thinking a lot about having a more generous heart and God keeps giving me opportunities to give. I am a believer that one doesn't have to be wealthy to be a giver. I always pray that my kids (who often go with me to giving opportunities) and I can be a blessing.
• Living life on purpose puts me in the driver's seat. Enough to be the passenger wishing I would have or be this or that. Life hasn't been easy lately, so having purpose in life have been extremely helpful.


Amanda said...

Uau... então esta é a semana da organização, pq aqui em casa estamos dando uma mexida também. Ontem terminamos de arrumar um quarto que está bagunçado há 4 anos, à meia-noite, e foi muito bom! Eu já tinha colocado isso como plano das férias, não aguentava mais. Agora vem o desafio maior, que é manter.


é curioso como as pessoas muitas vezes se paralizam diante de coisas que nada podem fazer e que não podem mudar. olhar o agora, não esquecendo o passado ou ignorando o futuro, mas respeitando e tomando para si o presente de Deus que é o agora, é uma ótima decisão para quem quer fazer o seu mundo melhor.não digo de um mundinho egocentrico e egoista, um mundinho entorno do umbigo, mas o mundo todo a partir de si.