The Race Organizer's Guide to Social Media

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5K season is here! Many people are finishing their Couch to 5K programs and looking for local races. Are you raising money this summer for your non-profit through a Race? Don’t let do all the work for you, make the best use of Social media to promote your event. These are great ways to promote your race:

Facebook • If your org has a Facebook Fan Page, create an event there to promote the race. Events on your Fan Page get people to vote, they can promote your event and people can easily spread the word to their friends. Just be sure not to invite 3,000 people to it, specially if they do not live in your area.  
Twitter • Unfortunately Twitter is not popular in our area but I highly encourage orgs to at least open an account and connect your Facebook feed to your Twitter account. Runners are on Twitter looking for races. You might as well be there. • This is a well-kept secret in Social Media. Runners all over are opening accounts there. They have a big community and a place where races are listed. You want to be sure your event is listed at
FourSquare • There is a small crowd in our area who uses FourSquare and those tourists coming to the area sure use it. Make sure your org is registered on FourSquare. Include a special related to your race as people are finding you.

I know you won’t believe this but a lot of runners do not find races by reading the newspaper. Many are strictly relying on Social Media to do that. For Social Media coaching and for more information, go to

• I'm teaching a Social Media for Business class tonight at Haywood Community College from 6-9 p.m. The class is sold out (thank you Haywood County Business Owners) but to get in the next class, call 828-627-4512

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