Moms, Energize!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Originally posted in Mom Perspective
Imagine your energy level is like water inside of a bucket. We all wake up energized, nouhh | buckets of water and sunshine :) matter how many kids we need to feed, bathe and love. Consider the things that bring our energy level down:
• stress – that’s a big one I fight constantly. Bad stress brings down the immune system and a mom without heath and strength is no fun.
• worry – Jesus said do not worry. Worrying brings down our joy level which brings down our strength.
• self hatred – when one looks at the mirror and practices self hatred a huge amount of energy is emptied. Saying that you are fat and ugly never, ever energizes you.
Now consider the things that bring up your energy level:
• healthy rewards – I believe they are a great way to manage stress. They’re good for you and guess what, you can make a list of a bunch of free ones. I talked about them on my last vlog.
• enjoying The Now – I am a believer that life is better lived with intentionality and purpose. Focusing on The Now can be very energizing.
• Positive Confession – Death and life are in the power of the tongue. I stopped saying negative things about myself and practicing positive confessions. They are not magical but Bible based truths I am incorporating in my vocabulary.
My friend, above all, pray and find what fills your bucket. Something that helps me is to make exercise part of my life. It always fills me with energy. What works for you?