The 5 Easiest Ways to lose Friends on Facebook

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Social Media is an exciting way for businesses to keep in touch with customers. There are best and bad practices for those who are trying to communicate online. Here are 5 bad practices that are sure to lose you friends and customers:

1. You Keep Inquiring Business from your Personal Profile • Think about it for a second. Do all your friends qualify as perfect customers? The answer is No. Encourage people to Like your Business Page and write exclusively about your business there.

Please don't do this
2. You tag 100 People on a Photo (or Video) that Promotes your business • This is considered Spam and thus, not an effective way to call attention to your business. Be considerate and post all media items about your business on your Business Page.

3. You Post too much • Too many business status updates may lose you people. During our workshops we offer the magic number of posts as far as businesses are concerned. The key is to be strategic when communicating with your customers.

4. Super long Status Updates • please, get a blog if you feel like you have a lot to say. Try to be succinct for the sake of your readers but feel free to continue the conversation on your Business Blog.

5. Invite all your Friends to an Event they can’t Possibly Attend • Working with a target market is a savvy media strategy. Most of us don’t invite 500 people to our children’s birthday party, so why would we do that on Facebook?

One of the best practices your business can have online is to be mindful that your customer’s time and attention span are precious.