5 Minute Blog Hop: Due Time is Coming

Friday, July 15, 2011

A year ago, 38 weeks pregnant

A year ago I was coming to terms with the fact that life doesn't go my way. I was not going to have a VBAC while secretly wishing I did. I was 38 weeks pregnant and my son was finally walking. Today my daughter is almost 1. She's actually sitting here drinking formula from her sippy cup while I type this. She is a reminder that no matter the Meanwhiles I face, life does not stop and I can always develop my character. 

I'm glad God made life to be this way. How many times I wish time could stop or hurry up? It's looking back that I realize that character is always in formation, especially in times I wish I could change time. Change really needs to happen in my character, not in time itself. Last year I learned that no matter how I wish I could hurry up and give birth, due date came. Before that glorious day, internal and external temps were excruciating. I was over 60 lbs heavier than I am now. I felt like I had all the right to have events change the way I wanted. Thankfully there are processes we all must go through in life, processes that God uses to teach us principles. I intent to find contentment in every season of life, no matter how bad I feel. It builds my character, it teaches me to submit under the mighty hand of God, it gives me peace. I don't know if you can relate to giving birth but be encouraged in the fact that your due time is coming. God guarantees us that seasons will change. It's up to us to find contentment and submit ourselves to His character building plan. Have an amazing weekend my friend.
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