Happy Birthday ZGirl

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I was very excited to find out we were having a girl. Every since she started moving in my womb, I knew this was an unique individual. I was very intentional about caring for her myself during her first days, months, year. I noticed she is full of strength. One of my parenting goals is to channel it the God way. She is a girly girl. It's amazing how she likes shoes, necklaces, purses and all things bling. She loves her bother. She doesn't want to be like him nor she follows him around to do what he does. She just wants to be with him and laugh with him. She's a caring young lady. She loves her Dada. I can see some traces of my personality in her, which is very interesting to me. She learned how to say "amém" when we pray and she likes to sing and dance. This child has one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen because she smiles from the inside out. I thank God for the miracle of life. I knew none of what I am telling you a year ago. All I knew was that this life inside of me was precious, made with intentionality and I was to enjoy her with all my strength. I will now proceed to write her a birthday letter.
Querida ZGirl,  feliz aniversário. Que Deus te guarde, te guie e te ajude a caminhar no caminho da felicidade. Que você possa ter muitos anos com Cristo. Minha bênção pra você nesse dia é para que você possa aprender a honrar e obedecer os seus pais e a Deus. O temor do Senhor é o princípio da sabedoria. Que a sabedoria do Senhor seja sempre presente na sua vida. Nós te amamos do fundo do nosso coração e sempre te amaremos. Com muito carinho de sua mamãe que te ama, Cintia.

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