Reassessing my Goals

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I gave a lot of thought on how this year would be different than the last. There are things I can't predict or control. As a matter of fact, if you follow me on Twitter you read me tweet that 'Control is an illusion.' So, what are the things I can count on? Hopes, dreams and more concrete things such as goals. You've heard me talk about my goal of running 3 5Ks. This is where that goal materialized for the first time.

I wrote this on the last week of December of 2010 in Mississippi
I jot down 4 goals for 2011 in a piece of paper and took them pretty seriously. It dawned on me today that they are all related to what I call my minimum.
Exercising 4 times a week has really worked for me. I have worked out 6 times a week but most weeks I exercise around 5. Even in busy weeks I plan to get out there. One trick I have is to tell people I'm gonna do it then I tell them what I did. I feel like it helps me a bit with accountability.
I ran my three 5Ks. I gave myself the July deadline, which helped a lot with this goal. I am currently looking for another fitness challenge.
I have not arrived at my goal weight. As a matter of fact, I haven't given you an update since I wrote this post. I have been calling them Life After Baby: Weight Loss Update but I'm gonna wrap this up soon cause the baby is now a toddler who's been walking since she turned 9 months. What I learned along the way was surprisingly refreshing:
1. Tackling extra weight as soon as the fog lifted and I was able to manage my life easily is a great idea. Notice I didn't call it baby weight cause there's no scientific term for this or is there?
2. Renewing my mind constantly is a must if I want to be successful.
3. Enjoy the process. I have been enjoying this journey since day one. I couldn't wait to enjoy life when I arrived at a certain place. Those around me highly benefit from my attitude towards life and I am aware.
I am not known for my amazing skills in the kitchen but I am the main cook around here. My last goal was not to get bored with food and I constantly work on trying to improve that. Planning meals and executing what I planned helps everyone to eat healthy and balanced meals. I happy to say that this summer the kids have been getting fruits they never tasted and loving it. They're more conservative with their main meals (they really love oatmeal, rice, beans..) but little by little I'm adding variety to it.

I hope you're not discouraged. Don't look at your goals as a sign of condemnation but as a beacon of hope. You can achieve your goals. It's time to reassess, add more fun to it and make your goals achievable.
I believe today can be the day you give the first step towards your finish line. I believe I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I believe I can count on goals to guide me encourage me along the day. Have you thought about your goals lately?
abundantlyhealthylife said...

Congrats Cintia on achieving your goal! I would suggest adding in some weight training. It is a great way to tone muscles, loose inches, & your body will continue burning energy long after you are done lifting weights. I lost the most body fat & inches when I weight trained 4 times a week with some cardio at the end. I even snuck in a few days of just cardio. Let me know if you want some ideas on routines.


Digital Mom said...

Way to go Cintia!

Karen said...

Well done! So proud of you! Keep it up! blessings, k