The 1-2-3 Guide to Hiring Moving Companies

Thursday, August 18, 2011

moving boxes
This week we moved to Houston, Texas and we learned a lot about hiring moving companies. Our first thought was to search for the online but we got overloaded with the results. Here are 3 helpful guidelines as you beging this process:

1. Don't Provide your real Phone Number Online. Internet based companies will immediately storm your phone and e-mail aggressively the minute you give them this info. I was fortunate to give them my Google Voice number instead and ignored their calls for a while. Whey they didn't cease to call, I answered the phone and asked them to please take my number out of their directory. As a general rule, beware of providing any personal information online.

2. Search for Local Moving Companies. It is essential to see someone face to face if you are going to trust your possessions to their care. Even if you decided on a different company, take advantage of the years of experience these professions freely share as they give you a free estimate. 

3. Ask for What you Need. Paint the picture, share your vision as far as how you want things to happen. The way different bidders go about fulfilling your needs may be a big decision point for you. 

If you are moving soon, I pray that you have a dream experience with a moving company. These 3 guidelines will help you start your process successfully til you get to your new home.