Blogging for Non-Writers

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Let's face it, not everyone is a writer but everyone can agree that blogging can take your business or non-profit to a new level. I have a few ideas for those of you who are not writers but feel called to have a great blog. 
1. Find an fr-editor - a fr-editor is a friend who is an editor. Small Businesses often do not have a huge marketing budget, so that's when your friends come in to help. You can also find interns who need the experience. Remember that an editor is your best friend when it comes to writing. 
2. Give Vlogging a Try - some business owners say it better than they write it. Take advantage of the growing popularity of digital videos and turn your traditional blog into a Vlog. I always advise my clients who are Potters to invest in video blogging. Photos of a firing process for example are good, but a video of the artist explaining the process is amazing. Artist also know that people love the story behind the art. Video can offer amazing results. 
3. Take a Creative Writing Class - Maybe you would like to improve your writing skills and taking a class is always a great investment. No need to enroll for 4 years, a writing class can offer the skills you need at a quicker, yet effective pace. 
I hope these tips will help you get a jump start at drastically improving the quality of your blog.
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