Friendly Reminder: Don't Give Up!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

We all have purpose in life and I came to treasure the ones I get along the way. It might come from a person who knows me well or a complete stranger. Encouragement is always welcome. Yesterday my husband and I received some great news. In the midst of rejoicing the answered prayers, I couldn’t help but remember all the people who shared their concerns with me. It was tempting to have a heavy heart because of all the needs but I decided to believe that God is willing and able to answer those prayers too.
This morning I sent out a tweet that summarized my latest thoughts:

#Goodmorning! Keep Believing. If it hasn't happened, it will. Your character is getting stronger & your faith firmer. Don't give up!
This is my friendly reminder to you: Do not give up! Even if you take a small step it is still Progress. Remember that most great things come with great effort and you are well able to finish your race. I encourage you to finish strong. Have a day filled with courage!
Ak said...

Great post. Very encouraging, especially first thing in the morning! :)