Housework, my way

Monday, November 21, 2011

Today I thought I'd take a personal moment and tell you about housework. I have been a pretty organized person. I think I stepped up a notch when I had kids. Motherhood brought about wonderful things and one of them was the need to be organized. Don't get me wrong, my files need to be organized, my desk needs to be cleaned (again) but I found the nice balance of being organized enough to find what I need when I need it.
My first goal is never to get overwhelmed. Freaking out is counter productive. I often head that way and that's when I say 'my life didn't used to be this way.' I repent for not doing what i know I should and I just take small steps. I bought an hour glass (I love those things) and I time myself. I say: I will clean my office for 1 hour. It's amazing the amount of work that it gets done. Small steps work. 
Another thing that seems to help with the kids closets is to simply finish what I start. I wash and immediately hang their clothes. No need for desperation, we can find clean clothes when we need them as well as diapers (no potty training has happened yet) and other supplies. Buying a caddy for the bathroom has helped me keep their grooming tools organized. It's the little things that make a huge difference when I'm trying to bathe, feed and nurture. 
When it comes to house cleaning, my theory is: if it doesn't get dirty, there's less need for me to clean. We use some rooms less than others, which makes cleaning easier. I don't follow a cleaning routine but what I try to do is that my house is 'guest ready' often. I am training the kids to pick up toys after they play and that's a lot of help. I try to have dishes under control and it seems that if I do, everything is much easier. They key here is to set a goal and finishing what I started. 
I am often asked how in the world I have time to take care of two kids 2 and under, blog, take care of a house and lead worship at church. The key is really to know what the priorities are. Progress, not perfection is my goal in this area of life. I need to point out that my husband helps me a lot as well. I am very thankful for Zeke. Our house doesn't look like it could be in the cover of Martha Stewart Living but it is a place of peace, love and it's 'livable.' I've had enough heartache freaking out about dishes that need to be done. I have decided to seek God, take care of family and work on progress and not perfection when it comes to this house. Finishing what I start seems to work for me. How do you balance your house work and your other duties?