Panhandling from the Heart

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We have all seen a familiar scene in larger towns. People holding signs by traffic lights. I read the signs (after making sure my doors are locked) and look for the need. I wonder if there's a government agency or church out there that can help more effectively. As a journalist, I also look for grammar and ponctuation. I've had the most fun lately looking at those signs that way. 
I noticed that all of us hold signs in the traffic lights of life. We display them as we work, as we listen to people and even as we are interacting in social media. I have recently seen an elderly lady mistreating a person in a gardening store. The sign she was holding clearly read "BITTER." Some of the status updates I read are being typed by friends who hold sign that says "ANGER," not to be confused by "Passion" about some issue.
What's inside easily spills out for all to see. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45). I'm not advocating that we all get our issues together and start being perfect overnight. What I do advocate is that we take a good look at our signs and take small steps to improve them. From "Insecure" to "Seeking Wisdom." From "Bitter" to "Helpful." From "Victim" to "Overcomer." I believe you have it inside of you my friend. Make sure all that good stuff spills out.
Have you taken a good look at the sign your holding in the traffic light of life? What does it say?