Progress, not Perfection

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The more I think about my life, the more I want to reason and find the God purpose behind the events of this year. I started the year with a whole month of videos, then I shared my Black Life Lessons and the fact that My Kids Don't Know we're Black. In the summer we shared the Big News that we were moving to Houston and we have been here for 4 months now. What an amazing journey! It's impossible to separate my life from God's design for me. Every detail, every change, nothing is a surprise for Him. Every now and then I look back and wonder, what's next? This week I came to realize that even when I can't see past the next load of dirty clothes, God has amazing plans to give me hope and a great future. He thinks the same about you. The heart and purpose of this blog is to give you Hope. I pray that 2011 was a good year for you. Remember that there is still time this year to make your dreams come true. My thought for today is to aim for progress, not perfection. I pray that you are progressing my friend. Stay strong in your life journey!