Saying Goodbye to Ms. Minnie

Saturday, November 26, 2011

This week we said goodbye to Zeke's grandmother, Ms. Minnie. She was 94 years-old. I never had a conversation with her but when I think about her life, I think about this verse: 

"With long life I will satisfy him, And show him My salvation." Psalm 91:16

When you're not able to talk to someone, it's important to listen to the things not being said. It's also important to observe their surroundings. Ms. Minnie's story goes beyond the words she could say for herself. 
I observed that Ms. Minnie enjoyed good health for most of her life. Zeke told me she used to walk a lot. During her last days her medical staff told the family she was tough as nails. I noticed her skin was smooth in the face. I was very impressed with that because your skin tells a lot about what's going on inside.
I heard her sweet voice once during a visit. Zeke was talking to her and we got it on video. I'm excited that our kids will be able to hear it in years to come. I noticed she had nice decorations in her room. She lived in this particular place for 13 years. There were photos, cards, signs that she was loved and cared for. Her surroundings told me she was not alone, there was a family, a life history behind her. 
My husband has many memories of visiting her at her home. He told me about the kind of coffee she liked, the type of 'story' she watched on TV. I marvel at pictures of him as a young boy hanging out with grandma. What's unspoken often reveal the love and the bond that we have with our ancestors. 
I never had a conversation with Ms. Minnie but I know she buried her 96 year-old mother. I know she honored her mother and her days were prolonged in the land which the Lord gave her.
My husband's family honored Ms. Minnie til the end of her 94 years of life. Even my first born went to the nursing home to visit her. Because of Ms. Minnie there are now many great grandchildren. 
I believe her legacy should not be forgotten. She will live on as the matriarch who loved, cared, honored and lived a long and satisfying life. 
This Thanksgiving I honor the life of a woman I never talk to but who spoke volumes to me. Thank you God for the life of Ms. Minnie.