3 Dream Vacations

Friday, December 16, 2011

I have been blessed to visit fantastic places in the world but I still have so many places to see. Some of these places are fun to visit with the whole family but I am guessing that others may only be possible as a couple's getaway. Here are my 3 Dream Vacations:

1. Orient Express • I've watched enough movies and documentaries about this amazing trip. I found out you can go to a series of places but I'd have to go from Paris to Istanbul as I often see it on TV. This is a Zeke and Cintia trip. I don't see myself changing diapers and missing a lot of the trip. We may have to wait for this one as a 25th wedding anniversary gift or something. 

2. East Africa • I have been to Zimbabwe and I want to continue to explore the continent. I would love to see West Africa as well. I have a friend from the Congo, I can't wait to see that country as well. I just want to go back, see the land, meet the people and help them in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Samburu Game Reserve, Kenya, East Africa

3. Mauritius • One of my friends from Grad School is from there. The place is amazingly beautiful, check it out for yourself
There are so many other places I'd like to see. The thing we try to do is go to Brasil then travel abroad somewhere else, so I make sure I see my family often. I wonder what are some of the places you'd like like to visit and why.