Pregnancy: the first 12 Weeks

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

 I am so blessed to be expecting my third child. I'm knocking on 12 weeks and feeling MUCH more like myself again. Although this is my third time nurturing life, everything seems so brand new. Because we moved to Texas almost 4 months ago, we are starting everything new from a new house to new doctors, friends, you name it. Here's how these first 12 weeks have been:
New Symptoms 
Morning sickness was fierce. As soon as I got the "Pregnant" on the test, I got exhausted and the morning sickness turned to all day sickness. I've had all day sickness before but this time was very intense. I was very tired too. All I wanted to do was eat, turn to my side and sleep. Thank God my husband (who always helps me) took great care of things around the house for me. I just didn't have the energy. My kids are awesome and still nap so I napped when they did, which is a huge blessing. 
New Podcast 
I had the honor to be a guest panelist at Pregtastic Podcast. I have been a listener for years, so being a part of the conversation was amazing. You can listen to the show here.
New Doctor
This was a huge step. I prayed that God would lead me to someone who would do a great job. So far I am very pleased with the doctor, nurses and the whole practice. I took a peek at the hospital already and I like the facilities. I went there for some high blood pressure related tests. Thank God I am very healthy in every way. 
New Weight
I have gained and lost weight during this pregnancy. I gained when morning sickness was almost impossible and I am losing now. I decided to revamp my eating habits and add more fruits and vegetables. I eat all day, mostly what's good for me. I heard that this is common for some moms: you eat so healthy you lose weight. Before you crucify me, remember I am under medical supervision and I like to eat. The baby will continue to grow and the weight loss will stop at some point. I am just happy that all the extra fruits and vegetables are making feel like a million bucks.
New Exercise 
My exercise habits suck right now. My challenge is to get back to regular exercise, most days of the week. Not being fit really hurts, I know cause last time I wasn't walking as much as I should.
I am thankful to God for a supporting family. Pregnancy is blessing and I ask that you continue to pray for a healthy, blessed journey for us. Have an amazing day!

Jacke Gense said...

Parabéns!!!! puxa.. tbem sou mãe de 3... é meio louco... mas Deus sabe de todas as coisas :)

bjs e que vc tenha uma gravidez tranquila!