The Surprise Party

Monday, December 5, 2011

It's no secret that I love Zeke very much. One of the things we do as a family is really celebrate each other's birthdays in a big way. This year I decided to throw him a surprise party. These are never easy to pull, especially depending on the number of people involved. I asked for the help of our church choir - who did a marvelous job keeping the secret - and it was a hit! First of all, he did not suspect anything. The day of the party he said he thought that maybe we were going to a restaurant and some people would be there but he did not expect the kind of party he had for his 32nd birthday. Here's his surprised/happy expression. The kids were pretty surprised as well: 
I believe that every birthday deserves amazing cake, so here is what we gave to Zeke:
Check out the DJ in the back! This was a first for us. I don't think we can have another party without a DJ. After dinner (potluck style) everyone literally jumped into the dance floor! It was so much fun! 
I asked a friend to help me pick out the decorations, and I think they worked out pretty well. Another interesting thing about this surprise is that I never lied to Zeke about where I was going or what I was doing. That was very important to me cause I was ready to spill the beans if he asked any direct questions. For example, he always encouraged me to go out and stay out as long as I wanted, so the day of the party I told him I was going to Costco with a friend (true) and he was actually excited we were hanging out for a long time. What we were doing was putting the decor together for the party. 
Now that the birthday season is over for 2011 it's time to focus on Christmas. We have everything we need, I'm just lacking energy to do it - where are you second trimester?