Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pregnant Women Hear the Darndest Things

All it takes is a glance at this belly:
These are some of the most interesting things I hear when I'm pregnant and the things I wish I could say in response:
1 • Are you sure there is just one in there? - Yes, I just gained enough weight for 3 pregnancies.
2 • Sleep now cause when the baby gets here... - Maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones with the baby who read the manual.
3 • Do you want a boy or a girl? - I want a healthy, peaceful and obedient child (I actually do say that to people).
4 • Go ahead girl, you're eating for two - Clearly you don't know much about nutrition. 
5 • You're pregnant again?! Did you plan it? - We planned to have sex, didn't we? (Zeke used this one before)