Pregnancy: week 26

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello everyone! I'm at Week 26 and feeling so blessed to be expecting a blessing from God. Here are the latest:
• I'm still enjoying the advantages of being in the soon to end second trimester. Feeling the baby move is a bliss!
• Exercise has been very helpful. I feel like it has improved the way I am feeling.
• Negativity from others. I keep fighting it by believing God and paying attention to what my husband has to say. I am also surrounding myself with positive friends who are a big encouragement along the way.
• Heartburn. Yep, couldn't avoid it for much longer. Tums have been my best friends. 
Prayer, resting and simply enjoying God's blessings have been the key things for me lately. I am praying that this last trimester will be a blessed one. I will slow down even more when I need to. I am praying for a healthy baby at the end of the journey. I appreciate your prayers!