Simply Cintia's Power Smoothie

Friday, March 16, 2012

You know that feeling you have in the afternoon, that low energy kind of feeling? I found a healthy solution for it. Today I want to share an easy recipe for those of you who need a healthy picker upper and can't really rely on caffeine or sugary treats to do the trick. Introducing Simply Cintia's  Power Smoothie:
• 8 oz soy milk
• half an apple
• half a banana

• 4 blackberries 
• 4 strawberries
• 1 TBS ground flax seed
Blend everything and enjoy!
I made this smoothie several times this week and I found it to be a great afternoon snack.This smoothie is a great choice because it boots my energy and the nutritional value is impecable.
I hope you had a healthy week. Add this recipe to your collection and let me know what you think.